Throughout our 40-year history, STSCA has sponsored numerous US-Uzbek exchanges and projects. Each exchange program/project involved many dedicated volunteers who managed various aspects of the program. We are grateful to all our volunteers, but for brevity’s sake list only the lead individual(s) here.

Alpinist Exchange – Frith Maier
Art Exchanges – Paul D. Natkin
Ceramic Artists Exchange – Wally Bivins and Joanne Young
Chef Exchange – Lydia Barrett
Cinematographer Exchange – Dale Blindheim and Dave Frankel
Communications Exchange (Art Pattison Communications Exchange Program) – Michael James Allan, Alan Boyle, and David Endicott
Dance Exchange (traditional Uzbek dance) – Laurel Gray and Emiko Nakamura
Dentist Exchange – Richard Johnson, Rosh Doan, and Betty Sherman
Domestic Violence Prevention Training Program – Karen Green and Diana Pearce
English-Language Resource Center – Joyce Doan, Patricia Leigh, Rich Hawkins, and Joanne Young
Hospital Project (Paired Hospital Exchange) – Victoria Gallanti
Human Potential Seminars – Roy and Leigh Farrell
Jewish Community Exchange – Rob Spitzer
Lawyer Exchange – Robert Alsdorf and Terrance A. Carroll
Music (Classical and Rock ‘n’ Roll) – Hal Green
Organizational Management Development Millard and Bonnie Mott
Orphanage Support through OCCA (Orphan Care for Central Asia) – Paula and Jim Quigley
Parks: Mayor Wes Uhlman
Seattle-Tashkent Peace Park in Tashkent – Fred Noland
Peace Table (sharing knowledge of the food industry) – Jerilyn Brusseau
PhotographyClaire Garoutte and Ray Meuse
Physician Exchange – Rosh Doan, Roy Farrell, and Royce Morrison
Public Administration City of Seattle Internship
Puppet Theater Exchange – Chris and Stephen Carter
School Exchange – Jay and Susan Sasnett
Sculpture Exchange – Richard (Rich) Beyer
Sports/Amputee SoccerBrad Bodley and Bill Barry
Teacher Exchange – Angela Halonen-Webb and Kara Vasser
Tightrope Walkers (Traditional) from Tashkent – Joyce Doan
Trade and Business Exchanges – Gary Furlong
Youth Summer CampHal Green
Zoo ExchangeCity of Seattle

Special Projects

Akhror Fund (Long-term support for an accident victim from Tashkent) – Joyce Doan and Joanne Young

University Exchanges (University of Washington with Tashkent academies)

Department of Near Eastern Languages and CivilizationIlse Cirtautas
UW/Tashkent State University Graduate Student ExchangeWill Dirks and Megan Gorman
UW Student Exchange OfficeDavid Fenner
UW Architecture/Urban Planning DepartmentArt Rice
UW Business School/Tashkent State Economic Institute
UW Drama Department/Ilkhom Theater in Tashkent
UW Engineering College/Tashkent Polytechnic InstitutePete Lauritzen
UW History DepartmentAldon Bell
Mathematics DepartmentEdwin Hewitt

Other Exchanges/Projects Co-Sponsored by STSCA

Central Asian Textiles Exhibit – Seattle Art Museum
Ceramic Artists Exchange co-sponsored with Pottery Northwest — Joanne Young and Wally Bivins
Goodwill GamesCarmen Mathews
Ilkhom Theater Exchange with ACT TheaterKurt Beattie
Million Cranes Project for schoolchildren, organized by Ploughshares – Akemi Matsamoto and Dwight Wilson
Peace Child Theater ProjectHelen Strickland
Physician Exchanges co-sponsored with Medical Teams International — Shukhrat Arifdjanov
Religious leaders from Uzbekistan, co-sponsored by U.S. State Department
Seattle-Tashkent Peace Park in Tashkent, co-sponsored with Ploughshares (Returned Peace Corps Volunteers)
Seattle Peace ChorusHelen Lauritzen and Helen Hustad
Target SeattleAldon and Betsy Bell, Kay Bullitt, and Rosh Doan
Teacher and Student Exchanges co-sponsored with Accent on Understanding – Dan Peterson
Ten Thousand Tiles Project (tiles decorated and shipped to Tashkent for the Seattle-Tashkent Peace Park) – Akemi Matsamoto