Renovations and Improvements to Tashkent Park in Seattle

Many know that Seattle has a park on Capitol Hill named for our sister city.
Tashkent Park was established in 1974, one year after the formation of the
Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Association.

This small neighborhood park is located on Boylston Street, between Republican and
Mercer Streets, two blocks west of Broadway.

The landscaping in the park, seating areas, and the paving stone areas need a lot of
renovation. The Seattle Parks Department is completing the renovations from
December, 2015, through February, 2016. On May 28th, the Parks Department held a
neighborhood meeting to discuss its plans and seek input. Three people represented
the STSCA (Shakhida Ismailova, Dan Peterson, and George Wright).

A new plaza will be built which will feature better the beautiful sculpture “Semurg”
(Bird of Happiness) by the Uzbek artist Jacob Shapiro. This beautiful sculpture was
a gift in 1988 from the City of Tashkent to the citizens of Seattle.

We thank the Parks Department for all their work to improve the park. For further
information, please go to this link:

We will let you know when the park renovations are complete.