STSCA Featured in “Glasnost and Goodwill” Exhibit

The Washington State History Museum in Tacoma currently has an outstanding exhibit about citizen diplomacy and the many efforts of multiple groups in the Pacific Northwest that worked to promote peace during the Cold War, including the Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Association (STSCA), which is one of the featured organizations in the exhibit. The exhibit reminds us all that citizen diplomacy, our efforts as volunteers and individual citizens, have a huge impact and create lasting change!

The STSCA was the first Soviet-American sister city, established in 1973, and is proud to be celebrating our 45th anniversary next year. We continue the work of those who created the sister city and maintained its role for all these years to promote peace and understanding between the peoples of Central Asia and the United States.

We encourage you to visit the Glasnost and Goodwill: Citizen Diplomacy in the Northwest exhibit, which runs until January 21, 2018. More information on the exhibit is available here: