STSCA to Host Open World Tourism-Promotion Delegation

STSCA will soon host a delegation representing Uzbekistan’s tourism sector from June 1-9, 2018. The delegation is coming to Seattle through the auspices of the Open World Leadership Center, a US legislative branch agency.

The delegation of four includes Mr. Furqat Rakhimov, Mr. Bakhordirjon Rustamjonovich Susarov, Mr. Erkin Ollomovich Yakubov, and Ms. Mahliyo Karimova. The group is accompanied by Ms. Saida Chorieva, a bicultural facilitator, and Mr. Elmurad Kasym, a bilingual translator.

Prior to their arrival in Seattle, the delegates will have an orientation in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill. Delegates will also have a policy meeting with staff from Senator Maria Cantwell (WA)’s office.

In Seattle, delegates will collaborate on best practices for tourism promotion. Delegates will meet with local tourism officials and industry leaders in the greater Seattle area. Their activities will include meeting with Visit Seattle and Representative Gael Tarleton about Washington state’s new tourism bill; visiting Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Center; meetings with MIR Corporation and other local tourism companies; a visit to South Seattle College to learn about their hospitality management program; a visit to the City of Langley to meet with local officials and to learn how the city promotes Whidbey Island as a tourism destination; meeting with the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle to learn about the Seattle metro economy and to exchange information; and other activities. The delegation will stay in the homes of local residents, serving as hospitality hosts.

More than 27,000 current and future leaders from post-Soviet era countries have participated in an Open World exchange program. Open World offers one of the most effective U.S. exchange programs to promote mutually beneficial options for depolarized engagement between future national leaders.

About Open World

Open World Leadership Center, a US legislative branch agency, supports Congressional outreach for Members of Congress and conducts exchanges that establish lasting professional relationships between emerging leaders and their U.S. counterparts in democratic institutions. Delegates are provided with extensive exposure to American politics, civic life, and are hosted by American families. In 1999, Congress established Open World. Since then, more than 27,000 Eurasian leaders are alumni of Open World. To learn more about Open World, please visit their site here: